The Second Annual Conference of The National Center of Health System Reform

The annual conference of the National Center for Health System Reform was held on the third of October 2018 and was titled the health system between planning and implementation.

The conference was honored with the presence of the Prime Minister of the National Accord Government, Mr. Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the Ministers of Health and Education, as well as a group of great doctors and interested figures.

The beginning of the conference started with the speech of the President of the Preparatory Committee, Mr. Yusuf Arhumah, and was followed by the word of President Faiz al-Sarraj, and then by the Minister of Health, Dr. Omar Bashir.

Dr. Samir Saqer, President of the National Center for Health System Development then delivered a lecture on good governance, which included an introduction to the establishment and development of the center, as well as the center’s vision, plans and goals for achieving an effective health system. The lecture also included an explanation of the branches of the health system that included governance, financing and the service branch.

A visual advertisement was also displayed to promote a health service, which was previously announced.

Before the end of the first part of the event, and on behalf of the conference, Dr. Talal Ajaj honored both: Mr. President and Minister of Education Dr. Othman Abdel Jalil, head of the center, Dr. Samir Saqr, and finally Dr. Badraluddin Abu Hajar.

After the break, the conference presentations were resumed, the first of which was the speech of Dr. Talal Ajaj regarding the role of the health financing fund, and then Dr. Badraluddin Abu Hajar’s speech on the role of the partnership between the public and private sectors and the branch of service. Dr. Adel Al-Twaijer also participated in a lecture entitled Organizing Medical Institutions and Dr. Mhammed Sassi in a lecture on Organizing Human Resources for Health, then Dr. Mhamed Khasheba gave his presentation on the regulation of medicines and health equipment.

The conference’s sections were concluded with a panel discussion that included the participants and the attendees. Several inquiries and clarifications were presented in it, which included many points, the most important of which are:

-Clarifying the concept and role of governance and introduce the concept of health management into the health sector.
-Introducing the health insurance system as a financial source for the health sector.
-Emphasizing the importance of participation between health institutions of the public and private sectors.
-The importance of management and control of the pharmaceutical industry.

At the end of this event, the attendees were invited to a lunch banquet at Bab Al Bahr Hotel, which hosted the conference, where the guests continued their discussion on the topics that were presented during the day.