The Third Annual Conference of The National Center of Health System Reform

On Thursday, October 3, 2019, The Third Annual Conference of The National Center of Health System Reform was held at the Bab Al-Bahr Hotel – Tripoli under the title Decentralization in Governance, Financing and the Provision of Health Services, under the endorsement of the President of the Presidential Council who opened the conference with his speech indicating that the concept of decentralization is not limited to giving broad powers and greater benifits to satisfy the needs of their people only, but it also means liberating institutions from the state bureaucracy.

The Director General of the Center, Dr. Samir Sager, ended the first section of the conference by talking about the center’s history, plans and accomplishments. He also talked about the center’s ability to plan, coordinate and communicate with international and local experiences to find solutions.

The second section of the conference included presentations of:

1- Dr. Khaled Al-Maghboub – Decentralization in The New Health System.

Dr. Khaled defined in this presentation the specialties of the local health centers, and mentioned the fact that sabotage and disruption of more than 50% of equipment and devices and wasting money in the health system is the reason for change and activating health areas as soon as possible.

2- Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Kumishi – Health Financing and Cluster Budget.

He presented mechanisms for financing and purchasing services, which included the need for a clear strategy to define the targeted services and estimation of the cost of these services for each citizen.

As for the third section of the conference, it included:

  • Ibrahim Al-Jubail – Health Facilities Re-mapping Committee – Medical Staff Reorganization Committee.

The presentation included a classification of performance rates and an estimate of Libya’s human resource needs and the ideal geographic distribution mechanism of it.

  • Anas Zarmouh – Medical Colleges Curriculum Committee and the Teaching Health Standards and Specifications Committee.

In this presentation, an introduction about the committee, the reason for its establishment, its role and its tasks  was presented. Dr. Anas finished his section with talking about some of the work that has been done so far by the committee.


The second and third sections were ended with a discussion, in which some points were appointed and discussed between the participants in the previous presentations and attendance.