About The Center


Government Institution capable of leading, influencing and planning to realize, a citizenfocused, fair, quality, socially integrated and sustainable National Health System.


Organize and coordinate all national and international partners, stakeholders efforts enriched with local expert capabilities, to plan, diagnose, search for scientific and pragmatic solutions and optimum use of resources

Strategic Directions:

1.Building the Centre organizational capability.

2. “operational excellency” through Centre` internal processes.

 3. strengthening partners/ stakeholders relationship.

NCHSR Strategic Objective

Strategic Objectives Descriptio

Strategic Objective Summary statement


Set the NCHSR organizational structure that enable the Centre to realize its mission and vision, (in Harmony with MOH Mandate and Role; This is a big Issues..)


  1. Effective Organization Structure:
    Staff, teams, Culture motivate environment. 

    2. Attract and hire highly qualified Staff for Key Positions and, ( staff the rest of Vacancies
    Attract, select, and hire Staff
    Build information technology capability
    Information & IT.
    3.Propose and Introduce regulation amendment to the role of MOH, mandate, roles and consequently the role and responsibilities (primary Tasks) of the MOH counter departments to solve the issue of tasks overlap or conflicting roles and goals.
    Organization structure harmony with MOH
    4.To establish an efficient and flexible planning system and well defined mechanism for decision making, plans program processes, supported with fact data and reliable information.
    Establish effective planning system.
    5.Set mechanism to monitor and follow-up plans and projects execution.
    Plans follow-up mechanisms.
    6.Set and adopt internal policies , roles and procedures, processes, flows to govern the Centre activities. (Good Governance)
    Centre internal systems.
    7.Set media plan to emphasize the transformation process of the Heath system Reform to enhance support and involvement..
    Media Plan.
    8.Review and propose laws and regulations and amend as necessary in line with Health system transformation.
    Amend Laws Regulations as necessary.
    9.Strengthen Partners Relationship (MOH,..)through coordination and integration to realize best use of resources.
    Resources Use (Economy of Scale).
    10.Cost reduction by introducing effectiveness.
    Reduce operating costing.
    11.Improve efficiency of public fund spending within the sector
    Beat use of Public fund.
    12.Improve citizens satisfaction of health service
    Citizens Satisfactions.
    13.Realize Stakeholders (PM, Government) satisfaction to enhance support.
    Stake Holders Support satisfaction.