The decree 418

For the sake of reconsidering some of the health related decisions , the Center and its Advisory Committee organized a workshop on Saturday, 9/9/2017 at the meeting hall in the Medical Supply council building. The workshop was attended by: Director of the National Center for Disease Control / Director of Tripoli Medical Center / President of the Medical Association of Libya and a number of consultants and heads of committees in the Ministry of Health.

The participants reviewed Decree No 418 concerning the health system and medical staff and its financial advantages and disadvantages,and discussed  ways  to raise the level of performance of the medical staff.

The attendees issued the following recommendations:

1- Reconsidering the salaries of medical staff.
2- Reconsider Article (5) Paragraph (H) regarding full-time.
3- Consider adding a section regarding full-time study on private expense and how to support doctors and facilitate full-time procedures.
4-Reconsideration of section No. (18) concerning Vacations (Marriage Leave and Death Leave).
5-It was also agreed to form a committee with the participation of legal and financial experts to adjust the contracts of medical staff.