EU-funded Libyan Health System Strengthening Programme (LHSS)
KE2 and Deputy Team Leader

Main Tasks
In close cooperation with the international Key-Expert-1, KE-2 will focus on the implementation of a health care delivery model based on the Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) a draft of which has already been published and circulated. This involves stakeholder coordination at national level (relevant MOH Directorates, Regional / District Health Offices, Municipality Authorities, Managers and Staff of pilot facilities), management of contributions of national non-key experts (NKE), specifically the pilot site coordinators (working in Souk-al-Jumma, Zliten and probably Benghazi), and monitoring of project progress and reporting (to KE-1). Besides the focus on health service delivery, the expert also needs to support preparation and implementation of activities at the interface between health service delivery and health system strengthening at central (MOH) level with particular attention  aspects of health care financing and health system (institutional and organizational) reform which will be conducted by other national and international (short-term) non-key experts (who are part of the LHSS Technical Assistance Team).


Qualification and experience

The expert shall be

  • A medical doctor (preferably GP or specialist in Internal Medicine) with postgraduate degree in Public Health / Health Care Management or equivalent;
  • Experienced with the design / development and implementation of projects aiming at improved performance and quality of health service delivery;


The expert shall have

  • A minimum of 10 years of professional work experience in areas related to health service organization and management (at facility level but also at district / regional level);
  • Demonstrated experience in health care delivery and a problem-solving approach in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment;


  • Appreciation for systems-level thinking, ability to influence change and a gender and culturally sensitive attitude (having worked in multinational teams);
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in both Arabic and English are precondition; in-depth knowledge of the Libyan context and health sector is a must.


Duration & location

The position shall be filled for a period of one year with Tripoli being the place of residence and main place of work. The expert shall organise regular visits to the project pilot sites (Soik-al-Jumma, Zliten and possibly Benghazi). More detailed ToR are available on request.