Third Conference of Medical Education

Tripoli and the Students Union with the participation of NCHSR under the title Medical Education Quality . This conference disused many issues around the criteria of the curriculum and exams of the medical schools around the country, such as :

  • student Acceptance Criteria
  • Medical School Curriculum
  • National Exam
  • International Accreditation

The conference  witnessed the presence of the Head of University of Tripoli dr Nabiel AL-Nattah and the dean of medical collage dr Fatin Bin Rajab and number of other doctors and teaching staff of the medical schools.

Agreement between the Center and the Decision Support Center


On Wednesday 29th November 2017 , a meeting between the National Centre of Health System Reform team and some members of  Decision Support Centre was held  to present the visions , goals  and  current achievements  of the NCHSR.

The meeting ended after expressing optimism,  with signing a full cooperation agreement between the two parties

Meetings of the Advisory Committee

On the 3rd of December the Advisory committee of NCHSR had it’s periodic meeting to layout the center’s strategy and vision and outline the financial,executive and administrative framework to guarantee ease of communication with all parties and avoid conflicts.

In this meeting , dr Tala Ajaj had also presented his vision on the General Health Insurance Fund plans and objectives.

Launching the National Center for Health System Reform

With the endorsement of the Presidential Council of the of National Accord goverment, the National Center of the Health System Reform, the Ministry of Health and the Libyan Health System Strengthening Program supported by the European Union, The first conference was held to announce the National Center for Health System Reform on Saturday, September 09, 2017 at Bab Al-Bahr Hotel in Tripoli in the presence of the President of the National  Accord government, the Secretary of the Ministry of Health and the secretary of the Ministry of Education, and a number of health experts in Libya from the public and private sectors.

During the conference, the development of the strategy of the Libyan health system was reviewed and discussed according to the documents of the World Health Organization for the six main pillars of the health systems:
Governance, Finance, Human Resources, Service Delivery, Medicines, Medical Equipment and Health Information System.

The decree 418

For the sake of reconsidering some of the health related decisions , the Center and its Advisory Committee organized a workshop on Saturday, 9/9/2017 at the meeting hall in the Medical Supply council building. The workshop was attended by: Director of the National Center for Disease Control / Director of Tripoli Medical Center / President of the Medical Association of Libya and a number of consultants and heads of committees in the Ministry of Health.

The participants reviewed Decree No 418 concerning the health system and medical staff and its financial advantages and disadvantages,and discussed  ways  to raise the level of performance of the medical staff.

The attendees issued the following recommendations:

1- Reconsidering the salaries of medical staff.
2- Reconsider Article (5) Paragraph (H) regarding full-time.
3- Consider adding a section regarding full-time study on private expense and how to support doctors and facilitate full-time procedures.
4-Reconsideration of section No. (18) concerning Vacations (Marriage Leave and Death Leave).
5-It was also agreed to form a committee with the participation of legal and financial experts to adjust the contracts of medical staff.

Workshop on Health Insurance Fund

In the centre of Information and documentation of the Ministry Of Health , the NCHSR had organised a workshop about the Health Insurance with the contribution of Representatives of the Social security fund and the directors and managers of MOH departments .

The workshop included the discussion on the ability of applying  the health insurance system in Libya, a display on the workforce which will be available along with this project, the obstacles facing the project and the methods of inserting the data.


Decrees and Decisions of The National Centre for Health System Reform

For a  high quality sustainable health system based on research and studies and to reach practical and scientific solutions and to plan projects for the developmental process . The National Centre for Health System Reform was established .
  • The National Centre for Health System Reform establishment . Decree No. 255  year 2017

  • Recommendations of The National Health Strategies Conference . Decree No. 413 year 2017

  • The General Health Council establishment. Dcree No. 853 year 2017

  • The general Health Insurance Fund establishment. Decree No. 854 year 2017

  • Centre for Accreition of Health Institutions establishment. Decree No. 181 year 2018

  • Primary Health Care Institution establishment. Dcree No. 410 year 2018

  • The libyan Centre for Drugs and poion Control establishment. Decree No. 411 year 2018

  • The Medical Training Management Council establishment. Decree No. 412 year 2018

  • The Libyan Board of Medical Specialties reorganization. Decree No. 557 , No 248 year 2018

  • Medical Insurance Authority establishment and oraganization. Decree No. 71 year 2018