Decrees and Decisions of The National Centre for Health System Reform

For a  high quality sustainable health system based on research and studies and to reach practical and scientific solutions and to plan projects for the developmental process . The National Centre for Health System Reform was established .
  • The National Centre for Health System Reform establishment . Decree No. 255  year 2017

  • Recommendations of The National Health Strategies Conference . Decree No. 413 year 2017

  • The General Health Council establishment. Dcree No. 853 year 2017

  • The general Health Insurance Fund establishment. Decree No. 854 year 2017

  • Centre for Accreition of Health Institutions establishment. Decree No. 181 year 2018

  • Primary Health Care Institution establishment. Dcree No. 410 year 2018

  • The libyan Centre for Drugs and poion Control establishment. Decree No. 411 year 2018

  • The Medical Training Management Council establishment. Decree No. 412 year 2018

  • The Libyan Board of Medical Specialties reorganization. Decree No. 557 , No 248 year 2018

  • Medical Insurance Authority establishment and oraganization. Decree No. 71 year 2018